About the House

A little information about the new house, the buildings and the agreement we made with the foundation.

How does it work?

A bit about the five guidelines, direct democracy and other things that make our house work.

Find us!

Road directions, map and bus connections.


A little history about where we came from... Jagtvej 69

The 5 Ground Rules

No racism, sexism, homophobia/heterosexism, violence or hard drugs. See more about why.


Contact information to different groups in the house.

How does it work?

In order to maintain a true alternative, it is evident to confront those who violates others freedom. Therefore we have five simple guidelines that we expect everyone in the house to respect at all times. These are as follows:

* NO RACISM! Racism in governments and public is increasing and there is no doubt that having pale skin makes a lot of things a lot easier in Denmark. In Ungdomshuset, we do not tolerate discrimination based on skin colour, ethnical origin or language.

* NO SEXISM! We are all being forced into rigid binary gender roles, dividing us into gender stereotypes with different possibilities and expectations. Women furthermore face discrimination by constant questioning and constant risk of physical as well as psychological abuse and violation. Sexism is actions and opinions founded in the belief that men should have any birth given privileges towards others.

* NO HOMOPHOBIA / HETEROSEXISM! Heterosexism shows its face in the belief that biological genders should define our gender identities, sexualities and choice of partners. Automatically assuming others are heterosexual or believing others are wrongdoers because they are not is heterosexism and violation towards others.

* NO VIOLENCE! Violence is a common mean of oppression and we do not tolerate it. There is always a greater force than any individual -our unity. Of course we see a difference between violence being used to oppress others and defending oneself against it.

* NO HARD DRUGS! Any dealing with drugs causes life long quarantine and being here under the influence of drugs is a sure way to be thrown out.


Cultural politics

We never organize a concert, meeting, art exhibition or anything else for the money. Everyone working in the house, works as a volunteer activist and no one gets paid. Because of this every person performing in the house only get transport expenses covered + food and drinks.
We do not intend to support commercial music, especially not when everyone else are volunteers. Of course, we expect performers to respect our guidelines before, during and after their performance.


Volunteer activists do everything being done in the house, from every wall painted to every meal cooked and every beverage sold at shows. It can be hard work, but is a necessary part of creating an equal community. There are different groups in the house working with different kinds of tasks. Most of our activists are affiliated with one or more groups, but you do not have to be a part of a work group. If you want to be an activist in the house just show up at one of our weekly Monday meetings where we fill out our activist plan. Read more about the house meetings beneath.

Direct democracy

We do not have a management and we do not have a leader. Our highest instance is our weekly general meeting at Mondays at 7 p.m. Here we coordinate our work and discuss issues regarding the house. The meetings can often be about very internal issues, so if you just want to hear about the house, swing by the bookcafé opening hours, the peoples kitchen every thursday or send us an email! We make all decision processes as decentralized as possible. Every group in the house make decisions by themselves, but all matters can be brought to the Monday meeting. We never make decisions by voting but by finding solutions suiting everyone. Some will claim that our way will never work, but we have been functioning this way since 1982!

Note: The meetings can very often be about internal issues and basic updates, so if you want to hear about the house and/or ongoing activities, swing by the bookcafé on opening hours, the peoples kitchen every thursday or send us an email!