fredag 13.02 - 2015

Finnish Comedy Invasion of Copenhagen

kl. 21:00 - Entré 50 kr





Kallio komedibolaget from Helsinki is bringing the top comedians from the land of the snow and sorrow to Denmark. These men might not know what Coca Cola is or why Italian people smile so much, but their are honest on what they do. The containers in which our beloved men are sent in, are arriving to Denmark on Friday the 13th of February 2015.

The only logical place for these Finnish men of the forests to perform in Copenhagen is the legendary Ungdomshuset. Tickets 50 kr.

Who's coming?

Heikki Vilja has studied in the distinguished Finnish Theatre Academy in Helsinki. He started stand up comedy in 2009 and was awarded the best new comedian 2011 award in Finland. Vilja works also as a stand up producer and as a theatre teacher.

Robert Pettersson was voted as the best new Finnish comedian in 2009. He also won the Naurun tasapaino ("Show me the funny") TV competition on the Finnish television channel TV2 in 2013. Pettersson is one the most respected stand up comedians in Finland and is well known for his darker than life comedy.

Anders Helenius is a famous Finnish-Swedish comedian, who also works as a writer and performer for weekly TV show: Noin viikon uutiset on TV2 in Finland. He is also co-founder of the comedy-collective: Paukutusjengi.

Aatu Raitala is known as one the competitors in the Finnish TV-show Naurun tasapaino ("Show me the funny"). He won the award for the best new comedian in Finland 2013. Raitala also hosts various stand up clubs in Helsinki area.