lørdag 25.04 - 2020

*** AFLYST!! ***
Northern Discomfort Festival 2020

kl. 16:00 - Entré Thursday: 75 kr / Friday or saturday: 150 kr / 3 day ticket: 300 kr

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Lineup (alphabetic):


ARCHELON (England)
Archelon take the sound of post-metal and scrape off the meat to get a bare-boned rock n' roll feeling, which makes it all the more in-your-face, without losing any of the crushing atmosphere.

Blind Monarch's debut LP What Is Imposed Must Be Endured is a fucking beast. Monstrously heavy, like the breath of Cthulu himself, yielding the power of a black hole, this Sheffield four-piece spits in the face of creation itself.


Abrasive, disgusting, no bullshit noise rock. Catholic's music oozes anger, frustration and spite through walls of distortion and feedback, yet they never stagnate as they always have a banger of a riff waiting around the corner. Filthy music for filthy people.

These guys are probably the poppiest thing to have ever played our festival, bringing more of a grunge/alt-rock feel to the table. But fear not, they will still knock your socks off. With the unmistakable force of a power trio and their impeccable musicianship, Chestburster will make you dance and you won't even realize it.

EREMIT (Germany)
In a word, Eremit are epic. In scope, in sound, in artwork. With just one release under their belt, the monolithic Carrier Of Weight, they have managed to craft a unique sound of unadulterated heaviness.

Foreshadower take you on a trip to the void and back. Their music ebbs and flows, quieter passages giving way to massive slabs of riff-heavy goodness. The intensity of the musicianship makes you get lost in their cold, voiceless landscapes.

IRON GOD (Sweden)
A raw, unfiltered kick to the face, Iron God mix up the best parts of the 90's southern metal with bits of sludge and Swedish death metal in a potent concoction of pure energy.

KATLA (Denmark)
Stoner doom this aggressive does not come about very often. Katla play their own brand of riff worship with all the anger and fuck-you attitude of a 90's sludge band. These guys hit hard and take no prisoners.

KING WITCH (Scotland)
A bit of a curveball, King Witch play heavy metal, complete with impressive, soaring vocals and fiery guitar solos. The pacing is rooted in doom, but the delivery is much more Iron Maiden than it is Candlemass. All energy all the time.

KUROKUMA (England)
The hoof beats of the Four Horsemen put through a loop pedal and an amp turned to 11. The desperate mantras of a dying monk, only this monk has smoked way too much weed.

This is Doom! Classic, epic, old-school Doom. Their 2019 album Church Of Bones is easily one of the best records of the genre in the last decade. Riff-heavy, well crafted songs with hooks for days.

One of the most aggressive bands in our line-up, Negative Slug's sound leans against Eyehategod and Fistula with their mid-tempo sludge broken up by fast, punky parts (or even the occasional blast beat!).

OPHIS (Germany)
With nods to old-school Katatonia and the Peaceville Three, Ophis lay down the soundtrack to your funeral, with the determination of a gravedigger, confidently and slowly leading you to your doom.

OWLCRUSHER (Northern Ireland)
Don't be an owl. Owlcrusher will crush you, like they will crush everything else in their path.

The latest album from this Malmö-based stalwart, Fem, is sad as fuck. Eschewing the traditional sonic heaviness of this kind of post-metal, they opt instead for a softer musical approach, but one that makes the music palpably sorrowful. In certain moments it is almost bordering on post-rock, but make no mistake, this is heavy music.

TORPOR (England)
Like the name suggests, Torpor make you feel like you are stuck in a malevolent dream, enveloping you in swathes of dystopian mechanics. Heavier than their usual post-metal tag suggests, this will bring about the End of Days.

TREEDEON (Germany)
Treedeon are a bit of a difficult beast to describe. The music is based on a foundation of stoner doom, but they have added heaps of grungy aggression and rarely do they slow down. It is the perfect music for a slow motion fistfight.

VILE SECT (England)
You wake up in an alley. Someone has stolen your wallet and your phone. You struggle to get on your feet, puke. With your stomach's convulsings you remember the stab wound in your side. You stagger home to find that your house has burned down.